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single draw tape bag piece-by-piece making machine with auto folding unit


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Release time: 05-08 13:41

Jiangyin Jiade Machinery Co.,ltd

Jiangyin Jiade Machinery Co.,ltd is a professional manufacture of plastic bag on roll making machine,and production capacity up to more than 600 sets until now and will increase year by year.Jiade machinery has covered all over the world,especially good at Southeast Asia,Middle East Asia,South America,Eastern Europe.
Jiade machinery main products as following: 2 lines star seal flat bag on roll making machine,2lines star seal T-shirt bag and flat bag on roll making machine,2 lines bag on roll with core making machine,2 lines T-shirt bag on roll with core making machine,draw tape bag on roll making machine,C-F bag on roll making machine,four fold bag on roll making machine,interleaf bag on roll making machine,film blowing machine,etc.We can also customize all kinds of bag on roll machines.Jiade Machinery has more than 30 patents,and all production from Jiade machinery has passed ISO9001:2015 and CE Certificate.
Jiade machinery uses servo driving system,which makes it easy to adjust the bag length and the running speed,computer controller over the entire process,component self-testing function available,automatically stop when running out of film and high capacity to save manpower and time.
From now on,the machines have much more improvement and all the consumers are satisfied with Jiade machinery quality.Jiade machinery has more than 30 years experience of bag on roll making machine.We still willing to have much more improvement for the machinery.

This is a special single draw tape bag making machine designed by our manufacturer and supplier for manufacturing draw tape bag piece by piece from the reel to finished article in one fully automatic process with pre-sealing equipment. Two types of transmission of the machine from our supplier in China are available for mechanical or servo-drive, and each has its own merits.


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